Day 3-6


Thursday, May 17, 2018-Sunday, May 20, 2018

Flagstaff, AZ

Finished signage across the Camel Trophy/Moto/training arena.  Still rolling in the 130.  Bomba was an angel and hung out in Beastie patiently at camp, where the shade was.  I was assigned to help the incredible Connie Rodman, Staff Camp manager/chef/everything person, with lunch for the staff. Snuck in an afternoon shower, which was much needed, thanks to my good friend Dave who was staying at a hotel nearby with Land Rover.  Bomba slept in the air conditioned room for an hour.  Then it was time to prepare for classes which were set to begin the following day!

All of Expo was busy busy busy! It was day 1 of the show and I had already lost my voice, dry air and dust, I think, being the biggest factors.  Teaching classes all day with no voice was an interesting challenge but I accepted it! I really got to begin to get to know the staff and crew a lot more and I could not be happier to feel a part of such an incredible group of people. Just wish we weren’t always spread across the globe.  

Saturday rolled around and I had more teaching, and an even more hoarse voice.  Even with my sad voice, my classes seemed to be well received.  Here’s hoping I can take on more classes at East *east came around and I did take on a lot more! Happily so*.  The Equipt party was a bit of a let down.  

Spent my relatively open Sunday morning to run around the vendor area, dealing with some tweaks to the cargo box, and a huge mess up on Nemo’s part in regards to a recent order I placed.  That never really got resolved even after talking to the founder/CEO.  Still peeved about that situation.  Then back to teaching and a great BBQ in the afternoon followed by an amazingly silly and fun evening with the staff.  

All of Expo, Bomba was incredible!  Handled the crowds really well and got plenty of love from the 7P crew.  Very happy to have my adventure buddy with me, she’s the ultimate support crew.