2nd Chunk of Little Musings

Get out, see more, do more. You’ll be better for it and the world will be better for it. Exposure to new things will always adjust your perspective.

Humanity is the recognition of another as equal and deserving of respect and benevolence and the same is expected onto oneself. What happened to humanity?

Moments are fleeting, enjoy the good ones while they’re happening instead of worrying about how long they may last. Be present. Be engaged. Be thankful. This is hard for me.

They road may be the most stable thing I’ve had in my life. Even if its potholed,dirt, or just utterly broken. I can still escape, I can still find a way back to myself on the road. Give me travel, give me self.

First Chunk of Little Musings

Life is full of failures.  What’s important is learning how to move past and beyond them.  Learning how to be introspective can be one of the scariest skills one can acquire, but to me, its the most important.  To me understanding yourself enough to take the time to grow from failure and remain open to future failure (or in my eyes future opportunities of personal growth) is the ultimate goal.  Without failure how can one move beyond where they currently stand?

When you regret meeting the love of your life. A story of love lost and the demons that followed.

DSC_0089 copy.JPG

When your life is playing out a like a movie, but a movie you never envisioned for yourself, it’s all about finding the beauty and greatness in the individual scenes.  —-I’ll remember today by this beauty. ——Don’t call me Chuck, Don’t call me Katie.

Am I running away from a reality I need to turn and face?  No, I’m embracing a reality and working within it. Life on the road isn’t an escape, it’s my normal.

The road helped me learn to be introspective and with being introspective, I learned what I needed to help with my emotional and mental stability. 

Embrace sadness when necessary, but don’t let it be all consuming. 

We’re so insignificant compared to the globe, but it’s impossible to appreciate the world if you merely look at its size.  To truly appreciate the world we live in, you have to see it from the ground.  Let all the little things add up to be even more significant than just shear size.  The little things, which may be comprised of a prairie landscape, a lake, a mountain, ancient ruins, slot canyons; all these things add up to be so much more significant than the size of the globe.——These experiences make the world worth exploring, not a flight overhead but a travel on ground, by tire, hoof, or foot.  These experiences make life worth living.  These experiences make the world more easily grasped.  

What are little musings?

Here you'll find short, often one liners of ideas, working titles, opinions, feelings, emotions, pretty much anything and everything. These are just the little things I've noted down.  Some of these little musing will be a jumping off point for bigger pieces later on as I develop the ideas captured in the little musings.

I may Include many little musings in a single posting or just post a single line as a whole post.  

Enjoy, comment, develop your own little musings.