Day 11-17

Day11 17.jpeg

Friday, May 25, 2018-Thursday, May 31, 2018

Santa Barbara, CA

I spent my time at home finishing off all the little projects that got shelved with my time crunch before Expo.  I finished my mosquito window nets, changed my oil, taught my brother how to change his, on his new to him FJ80, and so many other little things I canā€™t even remember.  Beyond my little projects, my time was filled with family, hiking, catching up with friends and making a few new ones.  Probably spending to much time at a local watering hole, Llama Dog, thanks Greg!  It was a bit of a long stay at home, but the rest felt amazing and needed.  By the end of the week I barely sounded like a man!

This was the first time I had really gotten to hike in the front country and see the devastation of the Thomas Fire, and the subsequent fatal debris flows.  The landscapes I grew up hiking have been drastically changed, creeks widened by car size boulders plowing through them, hills with nothing but dirt left.  Just a complete change.  A lot of time was spent reflecting with my family on the natural disasters of the year prior.