Day 10

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Toquerville, UT—Santa Barabra, CA

Got up early and drove straight through to my parents in Santa Barbara, CA.  We stopped off at Lake Mead to get a walk in and soak in the sunshine as the water lapped at our feet.  I drive a bit of a funky way home and dropped down to the 40, then headed west to Barstow which connected us to the 15.  This cuts out the two huge grades you encounter on the 15 as you enter California.  On hot summer days those grades would do Beastie in, my route may be longer, but I think better for ol’ Beastie.  After an uneventful drive I made it home relatively early for a change. *and yes I grew up in California nad refer to interstates with the preposition ‘the’