Day 9

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lake Powell, UT—House Rock Valley Road, UT—Woody’s in Toquerville, UT

Mellow morning. I again was fed out of the kindness of the Young’s and Scully’s, as they knew I needed to go grocery shopping but said I should just wait, enjoy the morning, as they had plenty of food to go around. 

After some goodbyes, Travis and I, headed to town (Page, AZ) to resupply and then made our way to House Rock Valley Road for a hike.  We didn’t make it to the trailhead early enough to beat the heat.  We tried to head down Buckskin Gulch, but the ground was already too hot for the pups.  We called it and turned back to relax at our vehicles.  We enjoyed a bite with our newly acquired groceries and some shade provided by Travis’s awning, then soon it was our turn to part ways.  


I always find it incredible how much emotion a location can hold, good and bad.  I met a old boyfriend on House Rock, and I still feel those emotions every time I turn down that red dirt road and cross the fateful mud-pit that forced our wonderful meeting.  We may not be together anymore, but Josh will always hold a spot in my heart, he’s a wonderful human being and one of my best friends, and I have to mention Bomba’s dad! Sometimes I find myself heading down House Rock Road just to have a smile spread across my face as I remember that incredible meeting and first few weeks together.  A big thank you to Josh for sticking with me as a friend, our friendship has always meant a lot to me. 


After a bit of reminiscing, I headed toward my friends Heather and Brian’s in Toquerville, UT.  I joined them and a few of their friends for drinks and dinner.  Brian and Heather have been incredible.  Anytime I’m in their area I know I have a spot to crash, Brian once got mad at me for not staying with them when he found out I was camping nearby. I know them through the Cruiser community, like many of my friends scattered across the country and world for that matter, Brian aka Woody is the proprietor of IH8MUD, the largest Land Cruiser forum in the world.  My time at their house is always filled with laughs, great conversation, and usually a shower I’m in desperate need of.  I can’t thank these two enough for the landing pad.  After dinner, we headed back the house and I slept, hard.